How to Deal with Negative Customers


When you are an entrepreneur, BUSINESS IS PERSONAL.


You put blood, sweat and tears into your products and services so naturally you are very proud of what you offer.


When customers respond negatively to what you have created it is very upsetting, frustrating and even insulting.


I'm not writing this article from some figurative standpoint, as a business owner I've been yelled at over the phone, read horrible emails that left me with a lump in my throat and threatened to ruin my day.


I don't understand it, but customers can be REALLY MEAN. And almost always it is for NO REAL JUSTIFIABLE REASON.


I'm just going to put it out there but in my experience it's the people with no real good reason to be upset that often are the most dramatic and let's face it - THE MEANEST.


We are all human, and I'll admit there are times when my manufacturing team makes a mistake on an order, but usually as long as I apologize and correct the situation the customer is fine - even appreciative - of how quickly and easily we re-do the order.


Recently some of my MEMBERS have brought to my attention that they struggle with negative customers and how to handle them so I wanted to share my advice:



And when it comes to bully customers who are intent on posting ridiculous and hurtful things on your Facbook, just BAN & DELETE.


Too often I see entrepreneurs letting negative customers get the best of their time and emotion. I want you to learn how to quickly HANDLE NEGATIVE CUSTOMERS and MOVE ON so that you can BETTER SERVE the customers that deserve YOUR BEST WORK!


Have a customer horror story you'd like to share?


Or a question about how to handle a particular situation?


Share below!


I will be personally reviewing all comments and questions.


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  1. Judi Painted it says:

    This was a good and inspiring read. Most of my customers are brides to be and can be very difficult to work with sometimes.

    I 100% put my blood, sweat and tears into my small business and it does hurt when one person says something negative. I just keep reminding myself that 99% of my customers are overjoyed and happy, so why is it so easy to let one destroy your day or make you think your are a failure… Its because you are serious about your business and care!!

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    BONUS: My list of TOOLS: Programs, Services, & Software I use to run my businesses.

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