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I lie awake at night unable to sleep because of the butterflies that are fluttering in my stomach.

All of the sudden I feel irrationality strong, confident and beautiful.

I'm brave enough to take crazy risks because my passion overrides any of my fears or doubts.

Sound familiar to anyone?


Most of you know I've been married for almost 3 years now, and although I love my husband with all of my heart I'm not talking about the way I feel about him.

I'm in love with my business.

Some of you probably think I'm crazy now, but I bet many of you can relate.

When you have a new idea, or even a new project, you can become irrationally consumed by it.

It's fresh and fun with incredibly exciting unlimited potential!

For many of us, our businesses can become all we can think about sometimes.

We feel ridiculous highs when we succeed, and dramatically depressing lows when we don't.

In the early stages we have more energy, pull all-nighters and forget to eat!

Is anyone else surprised how much starting a business is like falling in love??

There are dozens of similarities that I could rattle off to you, but what I want you to do is realize the power of love and how you can use it to transform your life and your business.

Too touchy-feely for you? Get over it, this is powerful stuff.

Once you learn how to show and apply love to your life and your business you become unstoppable.

There is no other emotion that can create more SUCCESS and SALES for your business.

And I'm going to teach you how.

I would encourage you to print out the worksheet below and pin it above your desk

If you continually apply these methods and principles you will see drastic changes in your personal and professional success.

You can print out my version HERE.

or print out this BLANK VERSION if you want to fill in your own ideas.


Please comment below and share 1 WAY you plan on showing love to your business that you will apply today!

I will be reviewing all of your responses so DO WORK! :)

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  1. Julie-Ann says:


    Such a great idea, and so true.

    When you live in love and gratitude, and appreciate your customers and want to do your best for them, then I have found that business just becomes “easier”.

    I also found that I always wanted to be a successful entrepreneuress for YEARS….. but it wasn’t until I found my husband and felt supported and loved that I actually found success in my business.

    I love my husband so much, and he has left his work now to work with me. We have a baby girl, and she is now my inspiration to continue growing my business and skill base so that we can enjoy an amazing lifestyle together.

    Great post Melanie!!


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  2. Julie-Ann says:

    Oh I forgot to put in my assignment – I am going to write a lovely Valentines post for my customers to inspire them to love themselves more.

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Love it! Great idea!x

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  3. Vanessa@Luxuria says:

    I plan on showing my biz more love by investing in her ;-) Spending quality time and quality “dollars” on her.

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Nice ladies! Great work!

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  4. Dorothy says:

    Very inspirational and I look forward to reading more.

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Thanks Dorothy!

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  5. Megan says:

    I have not yet started my business, but I am in the process of learning to how start it, as well as deciding exactly what type of product and services I want to offer. For now, the way I am going to show my love is by learning and developing new skills to give my business every edge and keep it unique.

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Love it Megan! Thanks for sharing!x

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  6. Chervelle Camille says:

    I definitely spend the wee hours of the morning thinking about my business!! It’s all I think about 99.9% of the 24hrs we get per day! It’s both good and bad. So applying the topics ‘My Business’ and ‘Myself’ is certainly important right now. I need to work on proper scheduling, prioritizing and stepping away for a break as soon as my body tells me to! As well as skills and strategy.

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      I like the sound of your plan Chervelle! I struggle with the same things, but when I am disciplined and take breaks I see the quality of my overall work greatly increases. Good luck.xx

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  7. Guy Heise says:

    I adore that will. Anyone carressed my personal coronary heart!

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    BONUS: My list of TOOLS: Programs, Services, & Software I use to run my businesses.

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