My #1 Tip for Building Confidence

I'm tired of listening to all of these life coaches tell women that they need to become more confident, but never giving them any strategies for how to do so.

So today I want to share with you my personal strategy for building confidence: Competence.

Competence is simply the ability to do something successfully.

The more you know how to to, to more confident you feel about yourself and your abilities across a wide range of situations.

Think a lack of confidence isn't detrimental?

Look at it this way:

If you're not confident you won't challenge yourself and try new things, and you can't become competent.

Ummm...if you don't try new things you will fail as an entrepreneur. Harsh, I know. But it needs to be said.

If you know how to do something well, You will feel confident = i.e. the Confidence Competence Cycle.

From my experience, confidence is crucial to any entrepreneur. People will directly base their impressions of your business based upon the amount of confidence you portray.

Belief comes from competence, if you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it, you believe in yourself.

That is my goal at the Entrepreneuress Academy - to teach you WHAT skills you need to become successful and HOW to develop them so that you become competent and confident!

So here's your ASSIGNMENT:

1) Write down a list of 5 things that you already know how to do very well.

2) Next create a second list and write down 5 skills that you would like to become better at, or learn all together!

Then SHARE at least 1 ITEM from both lists by POSTING BELOW.

Don't let me down! I will be personally reviewing all of the comments and this is a very important assignment.

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  1. Vanessa@Luxuria says:

    Great article Melanie.
    OK, 1 skill I am good at: I am very discipline and organized
    My 1 skill I am not so good at: Being an ex-Criminal Psychologist, I want to analyze everything before taking the leap or making a decision, and very often I suffer from “analysis-paralysis” ;-)

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Nice work Vanessa!

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  2. Oladayo Olaoye says:

    I already know how to adapt to new environment to take advantage of business opportunities.

    I don’t know how to persist & wait for results,i just like everything working out as fast as possible.

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Thanks for sharing Oladayo!

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  3. Kim says:

    Well skill – accounting and organization
    Would like to learn – public speaking and making conversations flow with new people I meet. :)

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  4. Drew Humphries says:

    I love this idea!
    Wrote down my lists!
    Now I need to take necessary action to gain a better understanding and develop and implement the skills I want to improve on.

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  5. Drew Humphries says:

    - I’m very determined to satisfy each customer.

    -I want to learn how to network more to find out how to build a larger client list.

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  6. Susan says:

    1) I am very good at being responsible

    2) I need to work on or get better at the technical things within my company

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Nice work ladies! Great lists!

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  7. Rebecca Zaiden says:

    Thanks for the boost :)
    I would say I am doing well at providing great customer service to our guests by making my attention to their comments or questions very personalized.

    I would like to be better at time management and have a more systematic approach to the day to day needs of my business (emails, phone calls, ordering supplies, etc)

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  8. Vernetta F. says:

    I’m good at organizing events, schedules and people. I would like to learn how to “sell” my skills to others. I get calls about my skills but no sales. That is where I am getting frustrated and confused.

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Nice Vernetta!

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  9. Erin Nelson says:

    I make soap well.
    I do not do well with accounting. :(

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  10. renee says:

    1. Determined
    2. To grow my business

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  11. renee says:

    i need to get clients

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  12. Megan says:

    One thing I do well is organization, having things organized is calming for me. :)

    One thing I would like to learn more about is creating an maintaining a website. I learn a little about it in high school and I remember I enjoyed it. I would like to learn more so I can do it myself instead of paying someone to do it for me.

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  13. Amy says:

    I am good at creating a vision for a business. I am organised, intelligent and inspired.


    I lack the skills to activate my vision and launch my business.

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  14. Shirley says:

    I am starting a business. The two things I would like to share are my sewing skills. I have been sewing now for about 50 yrs. and love it today as I did when I started.

    I would like to become a more accomplished and faster knitter.

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  15. Kaona C says:

    Dear Malanie,

    Thank you so much for this blogpost! Thank you so much for your beautiful intentions to uplift women, and the love behind it is divine. Thank you also for sharing what we’re good at and wish to be good at..

    Part A:
    1) Consciously choosing the thoughts, words, actions, feelings, emotions, reactions and responses, all the choices and decisions I make.. that are aligned with my values: Oneness, Ignition, and Commitment!
    2) Speaking English ( as a second language) and communicating effectively with it even on a philosophical level.
    3) Making the time to do things I like e.g. reading and truly absorbing the books.
    4) Being thankful for everything, showing gratitude
    5) Performing my MUSIC, my SONGS :)

    Part B: Skills I desire
    1) Business skills
    2) Preparing a meal ( planning to go raw vegan)
    3) Speaking Japanese
    4) Long running
    5) Public Speaking

    Will you also share yours ? :)

    Thank you so much Goddessaa.

    Love and Light,
    Kaona C.

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      1) Inspiring Others

      2) Copy Writing

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  16. Jo Byron says:

    1\ Designing logo’s, business cards, websites, etc.
    2\ Uploading my own website.

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  17. Chris says:

    - I’m creative and able to share that, & inspire others with it.

    - I wish I knew how to market myself better to “the big guys”

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  18. liz hickey says:

    Good at: Styling (personal styling and interior styling) and anything creative.

    Want to be better at: Turning ideas into profit, on and off line.

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  19. Dawn says:

    1. Great at networking and making friends
    2. Need to learn how to close a sale

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Great lists ladies! Keep them coming!xx

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  21. daphne says:

    Strongest point: i have great ideas like products/services that would make it easier for moms (parents) like me. Weakest point: Not working towards making those ideas become a reality. Thats why i love your blog because its encouraging procastinators like me.

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Thanks so much! Glad you found me! I look forward to having you back again!

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  25. klick says:

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  26. CArol says:

    I have perfected posting my ad each day in my ZeekRewards business.
    I want to improve on writing Blogs.

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  27. campingferie says:

    look forward to all your posts! Keep up the fantastic work!

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    I really appreciate the time you took to create this.

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