My Favorite Part About Being an Entrepreneur

A lot of people ask me what my favorite part about being an entrepreneur is.

Income and influence are both wonderful, but my favorite part is the freedom.

You see, since I started running my own businesses, I've been able to travel whenever I want and live wherever I want. Last year I even took a monthly long vacation on the fabulous beachfront of San Juan and Luquillo Coast..

And the rarity and value of that is not lost on me.

The photo above was taken while I visited Lake Como up in Northern Italy.

I actually do my best work while on "vacation." There is something about the change of scenery and people that always inspires me.

I love having the freedom to make the world my office.

Europe is personally one of my favorite places to visit.

The photo above was taken on an evening stroll through streets of Florence, Italy.

I spent about 2 weeks there with my husband,

working out of an apartment we rented by day and then stuffing ourselves with pasta and gelato by night.

With today's technology and the proper business strategy, there is really no reason more of us can't work like this as well.

That is why I am so passionate about teaching other women how to become successful entrepreneurs.

I have been able to create the kind of life for myself

that I thought only existed in my dreams, and I want to help more women do the same.

But I have to admit, Paris is hands-down my favorite place to work remotely from.

Between the street side cafes and the gorgeous gardens, there is no place in the world I'd rather work.

Give me my laptop, some fresh pastries and a cafe and I am in bliss.

As an entrepreneur, your work can become play.

I truly love working while away.

It allows me to travel for longer without feeling unproductive,

and I get such joy from developing both personal and professional growth simultaneously.

But it's not only the ability to work from anywhere that is so special, it's the opportunity to live my life fully.

To see and do things that a regular desk job would never allow me to do.

Although I work on many projects while traveling, I also make sure to take advantage of unique and special opportunities in each place.

I love to cook. So one summer while I was living in Paris, I enrolled in classes at the famous Le Cordon Bleu and learning from some of the world's best chef's!

It was the experience of the lifetime!

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What would you love to do if you had more freedom and time?

What skills would you develop or learn?

While working from Florence, I made sure to spend plenty of time enjoying all of the fashion the city had to offer.

The picture above was taken at the Ferragamo Shoe Museum.

The museum showcased several floors of the most famous shoes worn by every celebrity from Marilyn Monroe to Jackie O!

It was such a fabulous and fun experience.

What would you love to see or do if you had the finances and freedom?

Starting April 1st, I am going to be traveling and working remotely for almost 2 months straight!

I'm going to be heading back to Southern California to check in at my offices headquarters,

but also getting in some great trips to Napa, Palm Springs, Malibu and more.

Then I'm hoping across the pond and for a speaking engagement in Sweden, and spending some time shopping in London.

Would you like me to share photos with you along the way?

Please comment below if you would like to join me on my journey and hear some of my best tips and practices for working remotely.

I'll be personally reviewing all comments.

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  1. Jin says:

    A very inspiring post indeed – thanks Melanie :)

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  2. Hitha says:

    I love this blog post! I travel a great deal for work, and always try to take some time to explore the area around me. I’m headed to one of my favorite cities, New Orleans, for a conference and am spending the weekend there with my husband. My favorite places to “work cation” are Paris (as well), Spain, India, Thailand, San Francisco – and I feel lucky to live in New York City.

    Reply to this Comment
    • Melanie Duncan says:

      How wonderful! Thanks for sharing Hitha!xx

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  3. Justin says:

    I would love to share in your journey and hear your best tips and practices for working remotely–especially the day-to-day logistics, when working, away from your desk. I’m inspired by how you mentioned the change in scenery and people inspires you because I think it would be great for me, too. :) I’m so happy this lifestyle has been so wonderful for you!

    Reply to this Comment
    • Melanie Duncan says:

      You got it! Thank’s Justin!

      Reply to this Comment
  4. Shirley says:

    Awesome pictures. If I work hard and get my business going maybe someday I will be able to see these places. Thank you for sharing.

    Reply to this Comment
    • Melanie Duncan says:

      You can do it Shirley!

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  5. Lisa says:

    Whohooo…What could be best than daydreaming over vacation pictures and taking tips and tricks from a woman who knows how to do these 2 best ?? Happy traveling and working Meanie :)

    Reply to this Comment
    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Thanks Lisa!x

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  6. Sharon Cochran says:


    It’s always inspiring as well as informative the information, thoughts and feelings that you share with all entrepreneurs. It’s encouraging to watch you “Make it happen” and living you dreams. I always say “There’s enough in the world for everyone”, you just have to go get it if you want it!

    Thank you for always sharing and giving GREAT information! Hope you have a super fantastic two months of remotely working, sounds perfect!!

    Reply to this Comment
    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Thank you so much Sharon. You are very kind. I feel honored to be able to teach incredible women like you!

      Reply to this Comment
  7. Dawn says:

    I love the shoe museum picture for your gorgeous tan and I love your Lake Como pictures for that lovely sunny dress. Do you make a lot of contacts and expose your business very often when you meet people overseas?

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  8. Lucy Valentina Quinn says:

    europe is my favourite place especially florence; the renaissance and all that art and all those beautiful buildings and energy there. please do keep me informed – it all sounds a wonderful recipe mixed with love and freedom and strength to be oneself – enjoy your travels

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  9. Manmeet Singh says:

    awesome pic you look great and full of energy .

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  10. Mae says:

    Yes PLEASE share pictures and notes about your journey! :)

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  11. Cheryl Jansen says:

    Great Post,,,Thanks so much for sharing, I would love to do what you do.
    I truely believe this is what God would have wanted for us, not slaving away.

    Reply to this Comment
    • Melanie Duncan says:

      I agree Cheryl!

      Reply to this Comment
  12. liz hickey says:

    I would love to hear of your travel experiences. I too have visited some amazing places and since the downturn in the economy and my family finances, I really miss this aspect of my life, but I am determined to get things back on track so I too can work from remote destinations and again live the life of my dreams.

    Oh, by the way….when in London, you are just an hour from Dublin….

    Reply to this Comment
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