The Terrible Mistake I Made When Starting My Business

One of the most common reasons entrepreneurs fail is overwhelm.


Most likely, you are trying to set out and do something that you have never done before and you have no clue where to even begin.


And as if starting isn't daunting enough on it's own, then you have to try and come up with a plan to proceed by guessing what is and isn't going to work, trying to find ways to keep yourself focused, and come up with some systems to keep yourself organized and motivated.


It's a heck of a tall order.


When I first started out I decided that I was going to tackle it ALL BY MYSELF.


You see, I'm an only child so I've got a bit of an independence complex going on...


I told myself that I'd figure out the books I needed to read, teach myself what I needed to know and just figure it out as I went along.


And I did.


But it took A REALLY LONG TIME to do it that way, and it was REALLY HARD and FRUSTRATING, and truthfully I made a lot of UNNECESSARY MISTAKES  because I was TOO PROUD to admit to myself that I needed a MENTOR.


When I started my third business, I decided to do things a little differently. Even though I had experience under my belt I was stepping into a new industry and needed guidance.


Since I was older and wiser at this point, I was also humble enough to recognize that I had a lot to learn and that I could really benefit from learning from someone else who had already done what I was trying to do.

You see, there is this myth that a lot of people in my generation believe.


We have grown up being told that we can do ANYTHING and with today's technology we have so many amazing tools at our finger tips we don't think that we really need anyone's help.




It took a lot of trial and error for me to find the right mentor, but believe me, putting the proper time and effort into finding a good mentor is beyond worth it.




They can help you with overwhelm and provide you with a plan.


They use their knowledge and experience to shorter your learning curve and get you results faster and easier.


I've learned a lot the hard way. I've also done a lot of research and become a humble student of many others and I now know how to help others ACHIEVE SUCCESS.


Because really any teacher should always be a student first.


I would be honored to serve you with my knowledge and experience and become your mentor.


At the Entrepreneuress Academy , I answer ANY and ALL QUESTIONS from my members, both in the membership FORUMS and through DIRECT EMAIL ACCESS to me.


I am grateful for the opportunity to empower others and would love the chance to help you get where you want to go.


Click the link below to learn more about becoming a member and becoming a student of mine at the Entrepreneuress Academy:


COMMENT BELOW and tell me what you would like a mentor's help with.


Where are you seeking guidance and input in your life and business?


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  1. Andrea Yliniemi says:

    I really struggle with motivation. I’m that person that takes 10 years to get ready before I do something. Like right now, I have a huge list of ppl to contact about my business and I keep putting it off b/c my office is a disaster and I feel like I need to get it straightened up so I can have a place to actually concentrate. I am also SCARED to call people. Scared they are going to ask me a question I don’t know the answer to or they are going to tell me “no”. I know they aren’t saying “no” to me, but to the business, but like everyone out there, I don’t like to hear it. LOL any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    • melanieduncan says:

      Hi Andrea! Motivation is definitely a weak point for a lot of us. It sounds like what you could really benefit from is some accountability (i.e some one to help you create goals with deadlines and hold you to it). You should also focus on making a list of tasks and focusing on getting one thing done at a time. When you have a lot to do it is easy to get overwhelmed and do nothing at all. Stress is exhausting and often entirely counterproductive. Stop wasting your time thinking about EVERYTHING that you need to get done and FOCUS on COMPLETING just ONE THING on your list. Hope this helps. -Melanie xx

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  2. Judi Painted it says:

    I can 100% relate. My business is my name and I do have a hard time letting go of some tasks and trusting others to care and produce the same quality work I push myself for.

    Right now Im having a hard time with finding the right person to help with tasks and not having a clue what to pay them for a specific task.

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    • melanieduncan says:

      Hi Judy! Thanks so much for sharing. Hiring and determining pay are both challenging, but necessary steps in growing your business. The great thing is it is definitely an employers market right now. There are more talented and qualified people than ever looking for jobs. Depending on the job you are hiring for, I would recommend something as simple as posting on Craigslist and then having a test project for all candidates to complete. I believe seeing how someone completes a task is far more telling than any interview. Hope this helps.xx

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  3. Megan says:

    I opened my own interior design company last year after debating if I should do it or not for the past 5 years. I am glad that I did but I feel like I am too far behind in the game. I would love to find a great mentor in my area but I have a feeling that most if not all with say “no” fearing that I might steal their clients away. I am not sure how to even approach them as well. Any suggestions?

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      A mentor does not need to be someone in your specific field. You just need a mentor who can teach you proper ways to market your services and get clients. Someone well versed in social media and getting exposure could be even more of an asset to you as they would know growth strategies that an older and more established professional would have to clue about. If I were to mentor you, I would teach you additional ways beyond just designing spaces to monetize your skill and expertise. Hope this helps.xx Melanie

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  4. Vanessa@Luxuria says:

    Great article Melanie. My question is, it usual to have a quick informal chat with a coach before starting the relationship. I contacted a Coach I was keen on recently, and she said she never does a “strategy session” before hand. It rang alarm bells, but I’m not sure if those alarm bells were unfounded. Would love your perspective :-)

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Hi Vanessa – it is actually common practice for a coach to ask for payment upfront before any one-on-one calls. They should be able to answer some basic questions for your via email before starting the relationship but since calls require more undivided attention they are normally reserved for paying clients. Hope this helps.xx

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  5. Grainne Foley says:

    Hi Melanie

    Great article and so true. I was losing direction in my Virtual Assistant business and then I came across my mentor and together we made some changes to turn my business into something I am really passionate about (I now match VA’s and business owners) and believe in 100%. This would not have happened without my mentor. I think a lot of us business owners think we can do it on our own but we really can’t. We need that other person to brain storm with, to keep us accountable or whatever it is that we need help with.


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  6. Kim says:

    Melanie, I am involved in network marketing which I like because I have met so many wonderful people but I have always had an interest in an online only business. Problem is – I have absolutely no idea what-so-ever what I could/would like to do or even where to get started.
    Also – I have wanted to get my website for my newtork marketing services to come up often when people are searching for what I offer but don’t know where to start with that either.
    Thanks so much for any advice you can give!

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    • Melanie Duncan says:

      Hi Kim! You are not alone. Not having an idea or knowing where to begin is one of the most common challenges. If you are interested in joining my membership program I would love the opportunity to work with you and brainstorm some ideas.

      As for getting your website to appear you can either use Adwords and bid on ad spots or learn how to Search Engine Optimize your site. Adwords gets you fast results, while SEO is a longer term strategy.

      Hope this helps.xx Melanie

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  7. Frank Dealmeida says:

    Diane the # (hash-tag) is from Twitter to generate a discussion topic but for some unknown reason people use it on Facebook. Needless to say it doesn’t work on there!

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  8. Joni LeBaron says:

    I would like somebody to keep an eye on me and give me feed back and encourage me when I’m feeling hopeless and down, give my a next step and push me to go farther faster.

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  9. Margit Lartey says:

    good points

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