Why You Should Be Telling Your Story

The Most Powerful Way to Market Your Business




In today's over-saturated marketplace, sharing YOUR STORY is the best way to help your business RISE ABOVE THE NOISE.



We know our story so we forget to share it with others. We overlook the massive value that it can contribute to our business.



Having a human face behind a brand facilitates a valuable emotional connection and builds instant trust with customers.



I am always shocked by how few people are currently harnessing the power of their own personal story to market their business.



Not convinced? Read on to learn more:



"Early stage companies often overlook the importance of telling their story--a major oversight, because when a personal or company history is consistently and effectively articulated through products, services and branding, it can generate customer loyalty and help a company stand out from competitors."

Via this Article in Entrepreneur Mag



I'm actually working on a very EXCITING NEW PROJECT right now in which I am going to be showing you the BEST way to get your story out to the most people. More on that to come...



Another amazing aspect of  sharing your story as a small business is "capitalizing on the underdog effect." A company can benefit by positioning itself against giant competitors through storytelling. In a study done by the Harvard Business Review, 71% of participants indicated they identified most with businesspeople who had overcome "external disadvantages" (competition, lack of resources or doubting friends and family) with passion and determination."



Look at what competitors are saying, then figure out how to differentiate via your story.



If you effectively communicate YOUR PASSION you will learn that people like passionate people. And people like to BUY from passionate people so that they can feel like they are a part of something.


 Do not overlook the power of emotion in your marketing strategy. It is the single-most compelling way to connect companies to customers.



My advice?



Your Story + Clear Message + A Strong "Call to Action" + Explain the Benefit Behind What You are Doing




The Best Way to Market Your Business.


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